Travis Brown
Horror writer. Amateur Exorcist. Will post new stories in exchange for fancy dog pictures. "House with 100 Doors" and "How to Build a Haunted House" are available now in ebook, audiobook, paper-back, and hardcover on Amazon.
I graduated from Washington College in Chestertown with a B.A. in English Literature back in 2010. Following that, I returned home to Ocean City where I began working as a staff writer at the MD Coast Dispatch Newspaper. In 2014, I accepted a position as the Public Information Officer for the Worcester County Health Department and I’ve been in some variation of that role (public information/public affairs) since then up until May of 2022 when I started working here at the Maryland Department of Emergency Management.

While I’m communications and outreach staff by day, when I’m off the clock I’m usually writing. I have a pair of short story collections out with Velox Books and regularly contribute to half a dozen or so true-crime, horror, and mystery podcasts. Beyond that, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé Mel and our deeply spoiled Weimaraner Parker. We love going to the beach, hiking, traveling as much as possible, and hanging out with both of our families.

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